The Prism of Harmony

The Prism of Harmony

Apr 28, 2023 - May 28, 2023

From Standpoint to Viewpoint: The Prism of Harmony
An exhibition of paintings by Gayle Dempsey, Greg Hindle, and Kenneth G. Mills

Artists' Statement

As we are confronted with a tide of issues roaring through the news such as pandemic and climate change, we are faced with increasing polarization in our viewpoints on issues that threaten our way of life. We are confronted with the need to find a new standpoint, to engage the work that must be done to ensure the safety and well-being of those we love, the beautiful jewel we call home, and the myriad communities who share it with us.

Each artist in this exhibition has brought necessary ingredients for building a foundation, a new standpoint. The primary ingredient, harmony, is intangible, yet the very stuff from which the art is made. There is a common resonance as each artist extends light, colour, and space for the viewer to find harmony.

The narrative paintings of Greg Hindle frequently address
degradation of the environment, greed and social isolation. They present choices to be made and the hope of a better future,
providing the opportunity to see from a different standpoint. His landscapes present an environment in which we strive to live in harmony with nature, through the use of clear, unmuddied colour and lyrical composition.

Gayle Dempsey's soulful, abstracted landscape paintings are based on her deep roots and connection to the land and lakes of her native Muskoka. Her work addresses the threats the
landscapes of her home face, while always acknowledging a resilient spirit. It captures insights into Indigenous teachings and traditions while avoiding appropriation. One senses that her
paintings are biographical, while expressing acknowledgement and appreciation of her relationships with Indigenous friends, colleagues, and community.

The floral paintings by Kenneth G. Mills portray harmony through the vivid use of colour, dynamic composition, and provocative negative space. His work challenges us to drop the
egocentric viewpoint and see from a new perspective that transcends division.

These works are diverse, yet it is not by chance that each artist is a musician. The musical term fermata means to pause on a note, giving the listener a moment to appreciate it. Like a
fermata, these works invite the viewer to take a pause, to appreciate that painting is about seeing, seeing is about understanding; it is through understanding that we find harmony.

The exhibit challenges us to find the resonance that unites these works. When we meet the challenge, a unifying tone can be recognized. We are not separate from it. It is the ineffable
source from which the art springs — Wonder and Harmony.

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 29th, 2023, 2 - 4pm