COVID Update and Our Hopes for the Future

Thanks for stopping in! It has been a few weeks since we had to close our doors and we hope that each of you are keeping well both physically and mentally.

This time apart has given each of us the opportunity to slow down and reflect on all the freedoms and gifts we have in abundance here in Canada. As we've been tucked away inside, a great number of us have turned to the soothing melodies of music, the joy of cooking, the appreciation of film and theatre, or flexing our creative muscles with a new hobby or home project. These activities provide us with a powerful outlet of expression and a sense of accomplishment when we finish them. They are, in fact, integral to how we relate and thrive as humans in society. This truth is something we've long known at the Gibson Centre, where our mission is to foster the creativity, artistic expression, and cultural awareness of those in our community.

We cannot wait until we are able to gather safely together again, and have been diligently preparing fun, inspiring programming for our kids classes and securing new dates for our various concerts, workshops, and exhibits.

For more information on what we have in store and when we will be reopening, please keep an eye on our website and social media platforms.

The Gibson Centre…Rich in Heritage…Alive with Culture!!