Shamans Dreams

Shamans Dreams

Apr 4, 2017 - May 13, 2017

"Shamans Dreams" Opening Reception
Thursday April 13, 2017

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Meet the artist, Tracey Sinclair! Live Entertainment and Refreshments will be served at the opening reception.

Tracey's “tools of the trade” include everything from exotic gel mediums from Italy that move and flow with a life of their own, to regular brushwork, down to tiny toothpicks to do the minute detail in her work. Anything can be used to help create art – from gobs of paint smeared over her palms and fingers, to sponges and traditional art tools used in an unusual manner in order to "open up the image." The results speak for themselves: people are awestruck with both the visionary quality and technical complexity of her work. Reviewers have described the quality of her work as including the brilliance of church window stained glass and a depth of field like looking out from a mountain top vista; the frozen complexity of marble stone mixed with the wind of Spirit. Truly an organic dichotomy of the soul’s often dark and tree-covered earth, mixed with dream-like spiritual fire, never to be seen anywhere else.

Tracey "Swahaama" Sinclair invites you to sit back and enjoy a small peek into her visionary world.

"But please remember: sometimes a tree is not really just a tree."