'In The Deep' Acrylic on Canvas Exhibit by Fionagh Halwig

Jun 5, 2018 - Aug 1, 2018

Artist: Fionagh Halwig

The paintings in this series, entitled, “In the Deep,” are inspired by memories of childhood summers spent close to nature. The work is an expression of how I remember those summers, when life felt secure, days were long and filled with wonder and magic.
Some of the work in the series recall my own childhood summers spent in Maine, playing in the dune grass, swimming in the sea and exploring deep ocean pools for hours on end. While other works are influenced by memories of watching my own children play endlessly in the tall grassy fields by our home in Adjala.

Occasionally, through the buzzing of cicadas on a hot summer day, or the smell of freshly cut grass, nature allows me to evoke those memories; if only for a fleeting moment. Working on this series allowed me to wade into those elusive memories, linger upon them and express their essence on canvas.