Exhibitions - Euphoria

The Gibson Centre is proud to display the art pieces created by Banting Memorial High School artists in their senior year. Their exhibit is outstanding and we welcome the public to visit the gallery Tuesday to Friday 10 am to 5pm.

Artist's Statement

During our time at Banting Memorial High School, we have all worked hard to improve and expand our talents in the arts. Four years of developing our skills, techniques, and creative thinking have led us to create these final artworks. In this show, we are proud to be able to express to you all of the things we have discovered about ourselves and the world these past few years. While 2020 has brought difficulties, uncertainty and change to everyone, art has been something that has remained constant. Even in these times of uncertainty, we have been able to rely on art to provide us with the feeling of euphoria that comes from self expression. Creating art is exhilarating. It makes us happy, focused and confident. While our
artworks are very different from one another, we all share a common, connected goal: to share with you the euphoria that we experience as we create our pieces. We hope that with each art
piece, you are able to see a piece of us.