Blue Heron Group 5

Blue Heron Group 5

Nov 12, 2014 - Jan 5, 2015

The Blue Heron Five came together at The Blue Heron Art Studio. This diverse group meets every Wednesday for Art talk, painting, and the critiquing of each other's work.

Dorothy Visentin
Owner of the Blue Heron Art Studio is grateful for the encouragement, support and energizing conversations that are always alive and well at the studio. It is all of these things, combined with her love of playing with paint that keep her in front of her canvas.

BJ Thompson
I have been painting a number of years in oil, acrylic and for many years, coloured pencil with wildlife as the subject. For the past while I have been interested in the abstract and free expression. I enjoy the sense of painting feelings and emotions.

I have taken workshops with a variety of well known artists and enjoyed the exchange of knowledge. I belong to several arts groups and I enjoy the energy and interest this generates. I have shown both my wildlife and abstract paintings in this area as well as Barrie and Toronto.

Claire Hutchinson
Artist/Photographer and Gardener is part of the Blue Heron 5 Art Studio. Claire is very much influenced by her garden, and the Mulmer Hills, interpreting nature in an abstract and realistic way. She uses mixed media, unusual textures, resin, and vibrant colours. Georgian Bay is another great influence.

Debra Wilde
As an artist, I am inspired by the vibrancy and richness of nature’s colours. Texture, line, shape, pattern and light move me to engage the viewer’s sense of contemplation and imagination.

My painting style, while representational, is flavoured with my personal fantasy concept of the natural world. I am influenced by nature’s intricate designs and enjoy mixing the whimsical with bold, vibrant colour.

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way- things I had no words for” – Georgia O’Keefe.

Catherine Cadieux
Nature, colour, emotion & the effects of time are the driving forces behind my art. Supporting all of this is just the plain fact that I love to paint .