Andre Beneteau - Landscape Photography

Andre Beneteau - Landscape Photography

Jul 8, 2016

Starting Friday, July 8th, Andre Beneteau's Landscape Photography will be on exhibit in the Gallery at The Gibson Centre.

Andre was born in Windsor, Ontario. He got his first camera as a teenager and hasn’t put it down since. After a degree in geology, Andre studied audiovisual production, leading to a career in AV production and photography.

In 1987, Andre concentrated on commercial and event photography with a specialization in
architecture – a sensibility that has influenced his subsequent work. This also marked the beginning of his photography of artists’ work, especially stained glass.

Andre’s personal work emerged in 2002, with a solo show at Double Door Studios in Anten
Mills, Ont. In 2003, he documented the Shore/lines Projects for Barrie’s MacLaren Art Centre. In 2005, Andre was commissioned to explore the community and environment of Barrie’s Little Lake. Andre continues to cover a variety of events and now teaches photography at the MacLaren Art Centre. His photos have been featured in a variety of
commercial and architectural publications, portfolios and private publications.