A Roundabout Way - Continued

A Roundabout Way - Continued

Aug 11, 2015

"A Roundabout Way" is the the exploration of new terrain through the viewfinder. All senses are keen and aware, searching for the perfect composition, the ideal form, one with light and shadow, depth and contrast. Whether created or captured, through both awareness and honed skills, images and forms alike are conceived, altered, and defined… to gain the stamp of the maker.

Ultimately, "A Roundabout Way" is the discovery and creation of new images and forms; the planting, tending, and growth of these simple beginnings into photographs and clay pieces with warming qualities… quiet and confident.

Ann Randeraad is a ceramic artist responding to nature's inspiration with rich textures, rhythmic lines, and engaging colours.

Peter Dusek is a Canadian photographer who is inspired by the simplicity of Zen. His goal is to install a feeling of serenity in the mind of the viewer.