School of the Arts - Instructors - Dr. David Collings ND

Dr. David Collings is a Naturopathic Doctor who loves clean healthy eating and nutrition. When he is not seeing patients in his clinic he loves to cook, eat and enjoy good food and good company. David's love of food began at a young age when he discovered that eating healthy foods including lots of fruit and vegetables actually made him feel better with more energy, and was more able to concentrate and think clearly the less junk food he ate.

David's love of cooking was fostered by his parents and grandmother, who first taught him how to cook. He soon discovered that you could make simple healthy whole food meals taste delicious using all the wonderful herbs and colourful plants that nature provides for us. David's love of cooking healthy whole foods is surpassed only by his love of eating said foods, and he cannot wait to share his passion for cooking and eating delicious healthy foods with the youth and the families of the New Tecumseth area. He also loves working with children and youth and regularly volunteers with the boy scouts. As a new member of the community David is thrilled to join the Gibson School of the Arts as culinary instructor to meet new faces, and teach some healthy nutrition to the kids and young adults of the community.

Dr. Collings received his undergraduate bachelors of science degree from University of Guelph, and went on to receive his Doctor of Naturopathy degree from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2016. While at Naturopathic college, David received over 200 hours of nutrition education (as well as all the other herbal medicine, acupuncture, diagnosis and treatment of chronic disease that goes into becoming a registered Naturopathic Doctor). Educating his patients on clean diet and healthy eating is a regular part of David's practice, as he encourages his patients to try even the smallest dietary changes. He can see these changes greatly improve his patients health and well-being.

If you are interested in Naturopathic medicine you can contact Dr. Collings at his clinic, the Alliston Family Health Clinic at 705-414-1191, visit his clinic's website, or visit his Facebook page for more information.