School of the Arts - Instructors - Cael Cohen, PhD

Cael Cohen is an award-winning university professor, eLearning expert, philosopher, educational researcher, passionate oral storyteller, painter, rock kit drummer and birder. Her specialty is helping undergraduate students and life-long learners transform their lives by becoming better critical thinkers and more confident, thoughtful and reflective reasoners and decision makers.

Cael started writing creatively in her early teen years. She is a published author who writes poetry and short stories. She is currently writing a young adult fiction novel, a rewrite of Little Red Riding Hood.

She gets great pleasure from listening to and engaging in oral storytelling. Her favourite stories to tell are tales of wonder and ghost stories. Cael is fortunate and infinitely grateful to have spent two years as an Apprentice Storyteller with an exceptional, highly skilled group of master storytellers: York Storyteller's Guild, the only remaining Storytelling Guild in Toronto. She was honoured to tell a 10-minute story, "The Hunter," at the Toronto Festival of Storytelling in 2015.

She also researched, created, and led a Guided Historic Ghost Walk that took place near High Park, Toronto, in October 2016. Her ghost story walk made Now Magazine's top ten list of Halloween events for 2016.

Cael believes that the meaning of life is growth.