School of the Arts - Instructors - Brodie Pochadt

My name is Brodie Pochadt and I have been fascinated with building and designing robots since I first watched 'Terminator 2'. I built my first robot early in my high school career to compete in the first robotics competition. first robotics is a global high school robotics competition that challenges students to build a robot in six weeks and that can complete complex challenges against other robots. My first robot sadly did not win the competition, but it was awarded for being 'Most Ambitious and Creative' in its' design of all the robots in the Canadian competition that year.

After competing four more times with both victories and losses, I left high school to go to college where I pursued degrees in Electro-Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. There, I designed and built the first car for the Georgian college electric vehicle club and went on to represent Georgian college at the Queens Park Technology Showcase for the 50th anniversary of colleges in Ontario.

I am so excited to be sharing my love and knowledge of this medium with my students this coming season!