School of the Arts


Gibson School of the Arts is an exciting new program for the youth of New Tecumseth! We will provide quality arts education to our diverse and growing community. Many facets of the arts will be explored, including theatre, vocal, guitar, piano, dance, visual arts, drumming, robotics, and even the culinary arts! GSOTA will be a haven for students of all levels of education, household incomes and abilities where they can learn in an inclusive, safe and nurturing environment. We will strive to include the art of differing cultures, so that our expanding and diverse community will be able to identify with their art and in turn identify with each other.

We currently offer classes, workshops and sessions to children grades 1-8 and are introducing programming for teens and adults as well!. We have a Theatre class for 4-6 year olds called Theatre Tots, and we'll be offering PA Day Camps throughout the 2019/2020 school season for SMDSB and SMCDSB as well!

The arts are how many people identify with others and indeed how they find their own identities as well. In an area like ours that is rapidly changing, expanding and diversifying, using the arts to help our youth connect with each other could not be of more importance. The arts provide a safe space for youth to explore their likes, dislikes and to grow their confidence. This confidence can be seen not just on the stage, but in every aspect of their lives!

Origin Story
GSOTA began as a natural progression of Gibson Theatre School in 2017. The Gibson Theatre School has been a successful outlet for the theatre kids of New Tecumseth for years now and we wanted to continue this program while simultaneously offering new options for students interested in other realms of the arts world.

Our inaugural event was Taste of the Arts 2017, a fun filled day where children of the community grades 1-8 were invited to come to The Gibson to try out different art classes for free! Participants had the chance to try drama, vocal, piano, drumming, visual arts and culinary arts throughout the day. With TOTA being such a success, we followed the event launching our programming with our March Break camps featuring all of same arts choices. We are so excited to continue to grow Gibson School of the Arts, to provide professional instruction in a variety of art forms and to offer more options for anyone with a love of the arts in our community.

If you would like to learn more about GSOTA, register for a program or find out about our upcoming plans, please contact Program Director Heather Taws at or call (705) 435-2828 x31.

GSOTA After School Classes - Winter Schedule 2020

A list of all our classes for students in grades 1 through to 8!

Includes 'Theatre Tots' a class for children 4-6yrs as well!