Host an Event - Performances/Concerts

Main Floor Performance Hall

We can accommodate seating for 150 or a standing crowd of 220 people. Yup, we are nice and intimate! Loading is at the back of the venue, up a wide set of stairs. If your truck has a ramp, it will become a level load right into the room.


We are a wide room with a wide stage. The stage is 30’ wide, 13’ deep and 16” from the floor. We have 4 risers in house @ 6’x3’x1’high. There is good wing space on Stage Right for amp racks and Guitar World. Stage Left is used for egress to the stage and some storage.


We have a professionally installed Yamaha sound system. This system is very clear for vocal projection and playback. For certain shows we bring in a complete PA and monitor system, based on the artists needs.

4 Flown Yamaha cabinets with a 15” and a horn, powered from a Yamaha amp. The speakers are hung sideways across the front of the stage. There is one powered sub.

2 Yamaha SM12V monitors and power
Yamaha MG24/14FX console. 4 aux sends and 2 onboard

FX send and returns
One Yamaha stereo 15 band EQ
One Yamaha 5 disc cd player
One Tascam DVD player
6 x SM58 and 1 x SM57 plus 5 Rodam passive DI


We have a basic lighting package, consisting of front light only and no back or side light. There is no facility to hang truss or any lights from the venue. It is a historical building so there is no chance of finding or installing points.

The FOH pipe has 6 x Source 4 zoom lekos, the onstage pipe has 8 x 500W Fresnel

The system is a Leviton MC7016 console and 4 Leviton DMX portable dimmers hung on the pipes. It is a DMX sytem, so you can add on to it, or bring your own console and take control of the house fixtures. We have very limited supply of gel and accessories so it is recommended you bring in whatever you need to make your stage look good.


There is a 100Amp/3phase/208Volt camlok panel located on Stage Right, but one floor below the stage. The panel is Ground/Neutral reverse and 25’ of cam-cam feeder is all you need to locate your distro on Stage Right.


We have a well maintained Yamaha baby grand piano for artist use.