Events - Upcoming - Brent & Sarah - laugh out loud magic

Plan Your Family Day February 17th, 2020!
Tickets: $15 ea | 2 for $25 | 4 for $40

Brent and Sarah's Comedy Magic Show is a non-stop laugh riot from beginning to end. It's what you get when you pair two magicians with remarkable skill and talent who don't take themselves too seriously. With impressive magic, hilarious comedy and live music this one-of-a-kind team delivers a one-of-a-kind show!

Highlights of the Show:

*Combines Interactive Magic, Music, Comedy and Storytelling

*Full of Audience Participation

*Several Volunteer Opportunities Where Audience Members Become the Stars of the Show!

*Features Two Hilarious Magicians!

*Clean Entertainment that doesn't humiliate or embarrass

*A Variety of Magic ie. Illusion, Mind Reading, Card Magic & often a Daring Escape!

Brent and Sarah are a husband and wife team of magicians with a unique and hilarious approach to magic. Unlike traditional magic shows that feature a male magician and a female assistant, this entertaining couple has brought magic into the 21st century with a thrilling two-person show that can’t be seen anywhere else.

For Brent and Sarah magic is a way of life and Brent actually proposed to Sarah on stage during their show. Since getting married in 2012 they have appeared on stage and television across North America.

Audiences around the world have raved about their interactive performance as it creates belly laughter and jaw dropping surprises!