School of the Arts - Fall 8 Week 2017 - Drumming Fun (Grades 5-8)

The main goals of this course are:

Developing Creativity
- developing aesthetic awareness (understanding and applying elements of music: tempo, beat/pulse, melody, timbre/pitch, volume—pianissimo, piano, forte, fortissimo, crescendo, decrescendo/diminuendo, etc.)
- using the creative process to compose
- applying imagination to the drum

- manipulating elements and forms to convey or express thoughts, feelings, messages, or ideas through drums and small percussion instruments

Understanding Culture
- understanding cultural traditions and innovations
- constructing personal and cultural identity (developing a sense of self and a sense of the relationship between the self and others locally, nationally, and globally)

Making Connections
- making connections between the cognitive and affective domains (expressing thoughts and feelings when creating and responding to drumming compositions)
- collaborating to create works with others, and performing in an ensemble

This is a class for students in Grades 5-8.

Cost: $120.00 for the 8 week course

Inquire about our discounts for siblings!

**Please note that no prior drumming experience is necessary and all instruments will be provided for classes.**

All students participating in this class will be able to showcase their work at our GSOTA GALA on Thursday November 9th 2017 from 6:00pm-8:00pm. All fall class students will present their work in an exciting GALA that will utilize multiple areas of our beautiful Gibson Centre. Details for the students' performance expectations and times will be sent home in a confirmation document at the beginning of the course.


Sep 20 - Nov 8, 2017 Wednesdays 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Janet Hayward
Janet Hayward

Janet Hayward

Drumming Instructor

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