Events - Events - Neil Young Tribute - 1971 SOLO/ACOUSTIC

Larry Christopher

Biography: Of a Neil Young Tribute Performer

"I would like to start by describing myself and my interest in Neil Young and his music. Neil has been part of my music ever since I heard him in the early 70’s. Neil’s music has had the most impact and meaning in my life. My passion is singing Neil Young’s songs & cooking. People have said “I sing Neil Young better then Neil Young “WOW. I was amazed.

So here we go on a slow train ride. Sort of speak. My first gig & review was at the beginning of the year February 5, 2007 at the Groundswell Café in Alliston, ON. First time in a studio happened in October 2008, where I had a five song demo CD produced. For the last five years I have been doing what a love, as owner/chef and Neil Young Tribute artist, at the TLC Bistro & Café in Barrie, ON. I have played over 60 plus shows, including local festivals, and private events. The latest show was outside the TLC Bistro, at the LOFT (Barrie theatre) on February 24, 2015, it was a great success. In October of 2013, a documentary was made featuring the TLC Bistro & Café & a Neil Young Tribute artist. (ME) This was produced by Brendan Hiles & Fanshawe College as class assignment. He entered the documentary in the Barrie Short Film Festival. The films won 1st prize. I have also had the pleasure of playing in Omemee Ontario at Coronation Hall. The small town in NORTH ONTARIO. The show was hosted by the Youngtown Museum in Omemee, featuring Neil Young Tribute artists. I was honoured to close these shows for the last 6 years in a row. Still waiting for Neil to show up!

I was born in October 1957, and I am a chef by trade. For the last 38 years, much of my time has been cooking, and raising two children. I have been picking up and putting down my guitar. It seemed every time I picked it up Neil Young came out. I will never forget the first time I stepped up on stage at an open mic. It was at Massey Hall (no not that one). It’s a Pool hall in Barrie Ontario. All I had was my old fender B35. Feeling scared and excited at the same time, I sang out Powder Finger, Old Laughing Lady, & Helpless. When I was done I was shaking all over. I felt the electricity vibrating in my whole body; from then on I was hooked. That’s when I knew I wanted to become a Neil Young Solo Acoustic performer."

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