Events - Events - Down Homer's Night in the Mercer Pub - SOLD OUT!

Nothing says fun like an East Coast Kitchen Party. Come enjoy the marvelous flavours and spirit-filled sounds of a traditional Canadian East Coast Event. Regardless of where you come from, nothing calls to your hearts and taste buds like a touch of our beautiful East Coast.

Entertainment by Benjamin Dakota Rogers

"Combining fiddle and guitar he is writing songs borne as much from ancient myths and fables as life experiences.He is crafting honest folk music that draws you in with stories and poetry delivered with reflective emotion.

Benjamin has brought his love of music to audiences of all ages with his musically and highly energetic performance. His explosive fiddle technique draws its roots from the East Coast and Old Time but is transformed into his own style."

Go to the link below to listen to his music!

Tickets $20 Sold in Advance. Includes a snack of East Coast fare.