Events - Events - Dance at The Gibson Centre - JAZZ

Jazz Class 1 of 4 starts Tuesday, January 12th, 6:30pm-7:30pm

Holmstrom Hall - 2nd Floor
Drop-in $10 at the door | $8 Students
For age 18 years and over.

Instruction by Alison Mockler, BFA, MA, B-Ed

Alison attended York University’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance where she excelled in both Modern and Ballet. The diverse program opened up her eyes to dance genres such as Salsa, Brazilian, Chinese Folk Dancing, Indian dance and the martial art of Capoeira. Alison became a dance company member of the Little Pear Garden Collective, a professional dance company specializing in Chinese and modern fusion dance. She performed for audiences in venues throughout Toronto. Eventually Alison longed to deepen her theoretical understanding of dance and its place in culture. In 2008 she began a Master’s degree in dance and finished with Honours in 2010. Her thesis was on First Nations dance in Canada looking at how dance can act as a window into the past, present and future of First Nations culture and history. It became increasingly clear to Alison that dance could inspire change and could spark understanding between people bringing them together. Alison realized it had all started for her in a dance studio in high school. Alison thought she could make a difference and inspire generations through dance. In 2011 Alison was hired by the Toronto District School Board to teach at Westview Centennial Secondary School at Jane and Finch in Toronto where she met the most talented and amazing dancers…she knew she was exactly where she wanted to be. Alison is now teaching modern dance in the Toronto District School Board at Etobicoke School of the Arts and endeavouring to enliven the New Tecumseth community through the art form of dance.